With E-Filing, you can prepare and submit your court filings directly from where you are sitting. Your filing goes from your computer, through our e-filing site and directly to the court’s case management system. Currently, the Orange County Superior Court accepts e-filing, with other California Courts to follow. Simply upload your documents to our site and we will provide you with a conformed copy upon the court’s acceptance. Advanced Attorney Service will advance your court filing fees. Click here to E-File your documents.

Court Filing

A leading Attorney Services provider in Southern California with extensive expertise in court filings, research, copy services and much more, Advanced continues to provide excellent attorney service and support to our growing list of clients. Advanced has the experience and knowledge to expedite even the most complex and demanding requests. Click here for printable Filing Instruction Form.

E-Mail Filing to Advanced

Want to save time and expense? E-mail your documents to Advanced Attorney Service directly from your desktop and our experienced team will assemble your court filing to meet the rules of the court and submit it for filing. File endorsed caption pages will be returned to you upon completion. Click here to E-mail your documents.

Process Serving 

For more than a decade, Advanced has been a leading Process and Investigative Services provider in Southern California. Advanced is licensed and bonded by the State of California to manage your process service and investigative needs locally as well as throughout the United States. Click here for printable Service Instruction Form.

E-Mail Process Service to Advanced

Want to save time and expense? E-mail your documents to Advanced Attorney Service directly from your desktop and our experienced process team will assemble your documents and get it out for service faster. Click here to E-mail your Service of Process.

Subpoena Prep/Copy

Our Copy Service Division (Advanced Photocopy Services) consists of a team of attorney service and photocopy veterans who understand the needs of a busy law firm. With strict quality control procedures, Advanced assures even your most complex and demanding requests and assignments will be completed accurately. Click here to begin.

Messenger Services

Advanced Messenger Services is committed to quick pickups and prompt deliveries, coupled with our professional couriers and customer service staff. For the past decade, Advanced Messenger Services has efficiently transported legal documents, sensitive materials, confidential papers, bank deposits and other professional documents and small packages throughout the state. Let Advanced assist you with your messenger needs. Click here for Printable Messenger Form.






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