President Michael Brown [email protected]
Vice President Tony Trolinger [email protected]
General Manager Jacque Tosti-Fields [email protected]

Court Department

Manager John Hemmerly [email protected]
Court Status Nenad Jovanovic [email protected]
Court Research Mike Wilson [email protected]

Rush/Specials Department

Manager Brian Drogitis [email protected]
Specials Support Clint Pollard [email protected]
Specials Support William Quinones [email protected]
Specials Support Kristoffer De Koning [email protected]
Specials Support Kevin Peabody [email protected]
Specials Support Entire Department [email protected]

Service of Process

Evictions / UD Joyce Barwick [email protected]
Rush Local Residential, Statewide & Nationwide Rose Drogitis [email protected]
Routine – San Diego County, Out of County & Statewide Tammy Moreno [email protected]
Routine – Affiliate Representative Juan Perez Guzman [email protected]
New Service of Process Orders Process Department [email protected]
Status/New Information on Existing Orders Process Department [email protected]

Photocopy Services

Assistant Manager Dorothy Brockington [email protected]
Records and Authorization requests and support inside San Diego County
Photocopy Support Janene Roxas [email protected]
High Speed copying & record requests outside San Diego County
Photocopy Support David Shilling [email protected]
Subpoena Preparation

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